The best aluminum oxide blasting grit for removing paint

Paint stripping is not just for aesthetic reasons but is also important for reasons of corrosion prevention. But, paint can be very difficult to remove at times. There are many different methods that can be used to remove paint. Aluminum oxide blasting is one of the most common methods used but there are many different abrasive options with pros and cons to each.

Removing Paint

Getting rid of paint from different parts and various surfaces can be quite challenging. You have to consider the different methods available to remove paint in order to get the best results. Sandblasting is usually the most effective way to get rid of paint and to prepare your surface for new paint or a new finish. Sandblasting allows you to remove paint effectively without the need of strong chemicals.

The best abrasive media for removing paint is a question we hear a lot. The answer is not as simple as you might think. There are a lot of variables that go into choosing the right abrasive media for removing paint. The most important factor is the type of surface that the paint is on. Paint tends to be sticky and create a lot of dust, so you need to be sure that your abrasive media will not damage the surface.


Aluminum oxide is one of the strongest forms of blast media and is therefore commonly used for a number of projects. Note that when using aluminum oxide to remove paint, it is always best to use a finger grit – larger grit may result in uneven or scratched surfaces.

For these reasons, when searching for blast media for paint removal, many people use either aluminum oxide or glass beads due to their general strength and effectiveness. However, new superoxalloy abrasives offer several advantages over other blast media.

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