Superoxalloy delivers increased working speed, decreased consumption and improved coating adhesion: Fire-protective coating

No Embedment

The Challenge

A customer was using vapor blasting with garnet on galvanized beams to achieve a 2-3 mil profile without removing or damaging the base galvanized coating. This requires a highly skilled operator. They are working under SSPC SP16 specification for sweep blasting of galvanized steel. Frequently, embedment from particle breakup on impact with the surface results in adhesion problems of the fire-protective coatings that are subsequently applied.

The 10X Breakthrough

The customer switched to 10X superoxalloy and measured a 15% increase in speed and a 33% decrease in abrasive consumption compared with garnet. Particle embedment also decreased dramatically and improved coating adhesion. The customer commented that 10X superoxalloy works so fast that it had to be dialed back to achieve the SSPC SP16 spec and prevent damage to the base galvanized coating. He said they could not afford to switch their operation back to garnet after seeing the benefits of 10X superoxalloy in action.