Sandblasting Aluminum

Applications across various industries use aluminum blasting processes to prepare parts for a new coating, ensuring a properly profiled, clean SSPC SP-5 white metal finish when complete. Blasting is also a valuable maintenance technique because it works well to remove corrosion and other surface contaminants. Choosing a high-quality blasting media for aluminum is vital if you want to increase your cost savings and ensure your parts enjoy a longer life span than they would if blasted with an inferior product.

Two aluminum boats sit with debris on the bottom

Can You Sandblast Aluminum?

Selecting an optimal blasting media for aluminum that can deliver repeatable results without damaging the surface can be challenging since this material is often softer than steel. Although sandblasting is a commonly used term among those unfamiliar with the blasting industry, using actual sand for surface prep often leads to inferior surfaces. At 10X Engineered Materials, we offer innovative superoxalloy abrasive that is ideal for aluminum blasting and maximizes product quality while promoting sustainability and worker safety.  

Our superoxalloys represent one of the most significant breakthroughs the blasting industry has seen in decades. We formulate our aluminum blasting media with by-products of mineral wool insulation which are made in a highly controlled production process. The resulting supreoxalloy particles are tempered which produces an abrasive that resists the breakage often occurring with conventional products during high-stress blasting applications, which is ideal for sensitive materials like aluminum. 

These abrasives contain polymorphous particles. Each particle shape performs a separate function, enabling the superoxalloy blasting material to perform multiple tasks at once.  


Benefits of Blasting Aluminum With Abrasives From 10X Engineered Materials

Superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials offer many benefits over conventional abrasives, including:

  • Low dust: Our abrasives produce minimal dust at a job site, providing workers with a clearer view while decreasing exposure to inhalable materials. Less dust increases production time because workers don’t need to stop blasting to restore visibility.
  • Superior surface quality: Our superoxalloys produce less particle embedment, which ensures a higher-quality surface area for various materials, including aluminum. Because of their particle shape, strength, and unique composition, they can deliver better results than other abrasives on the market.
  • Low consumption: Each blasting particle delivers more energy to the surface, so operations require less blasting media to complete a job. Less consumption also means reduced maintenance and cleanup requirements, resulting in even more cost savings.
  • Higher blasting speeds: Superior particle toughness results in less particle breakage, which unlocks the ability to blast at higher pressures, which delivers more energy to the surface, significantly increasing productivity and minimizing the time it takes to complete each job.
  • Increased reusability: Our durable abrasives are reusable several times over, depending on the grit size and specific application. In addition, because there is less dust and reduced maintenance, our abrasives produce less wear and tear on your blasting equipment.

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