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Delivering breakthrough performance

Ultra Safe

Ultra safe

  • Recycled from verifiably safe mineral wool
  • Extremely low dust
  • Inhaled dust is bio-soluble and quickly cleared

Ultra high-performance

Ultra high-performance

  • Removes difficult coatings
  • Performs multiple steps in one
  • Delays rust bloom

Ultra low- consumption

Ultra low- consumption

  • Less abrasive required per job
  • Perform more work per pot
  • Lower surface prep cost per sq. ft.

What are superoxalloy abrasives?


An engineered alloy of oxide minerals created through highly controlled formulation and tempering (high heat + rapid cooling). The process creates non-crystalline (amorphous) particles that resist breakage under stress of high-speed mechanical impact.

[ From metallurgy/minerology: superalloy + oxide ]

Super Ox Alloy