Discover the
new class
of high
performance abrasives

Faster and more effective than other premium abrasives.

10X outperforms the competition, working more effectively on powder coatings, epoxy, mill scale, polyurethanes, thermoplastic, and even paint racks with multiple coatings. If you’ve got a tough job, 10X is up for the task.

Go ahead, try your worst.

We never compromise on performance.

We engineer the best abrasives on the market to provide you with transformative surface preparation technologies.

10X Advantages
  • No free silica or beryllium
  • Remove almost any coating on metal surfaces
  • Fast-acting on tough coatings
  • Higher productivity and profitability
  • Leaves an excellent profile with a bright finish
  • Virtually no embedment
  • Ultra-low conductivity
  • Sustainably sourced and manufactured
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Lower density and consumption than other premium abrasives
Ensure Quality

10X abrasives are heavily vetted to meet the highest quality standards and we’re constantly innovating to bring you the best.

Increase Productivity

We design our products to perform better and last longer, bringing you the most efficient abrasives on the market.

Improve Health & Safety

10X abrasives don’t pose health risks, or harm the environment.

Who can use 10X abrasives?

The better question might be, who can’t?

10X abrasives are designed for a wide-range of applications across industries. From small-scale and detailed work to behemoth industrial projects, 10X products will make your job easier.

You need to keep up with demand, which means you don’t have time for rework. 10X abrasives will get the job done right the first time.

Reduce job time
Lower material costs
Increase jobsite safety

Why use multiple abrasives when one can do it all? 10X abrasives can be used to clean, prep for paint and remove rust—saving you time and money.

Increase productivity
Use less material
Get consistent results

Tired of cleanup taking as long as blasting? 10X abrasives do the same job with less material, while keeping workers safer and the environment cleaner.

Improve efficiency
Stop using toxic chemicals
Meet strict OSHA safety regulations

We understand the challenges of blasting aircraft. But you still have a job to do. 10X abrasives produce better results than alternative materials while protecting structural integrity.

Adhere to strict FAA regulations
Get consistent, high-quality results
Reduce costs

You need a safe abrasive that performs. 10X contains no toxic chemicals and gets better results than traditional abrasives.

Streamline your process
Increase consistency and productivity
Meet strict health and safety regulations

Conquer any task and any material—from brick walls and concrete walks to wood decks and swimming pools—with complete confidence.

Increase speed
Eliminate rework
Get an ideal surface profile

You have your job down to a science. But what if you could get the same results in less time. That’s where 10X abrasives come in.

Reduce labor cost
Minimize material use
Get an ideal and consistent surface profile

Minimize risk and stop rework. 10X abrasives easily strip rust and create the ideal surface for coating and painting.

Get top-quality, consistent results
Increase speed—even when blasting tough gel coatings
Experience ultra-low embedment rates

Damaged specialty coatings shouldn’t mean major headaches. 10X abrasives completely strip coatings so new ones can be applied.

Increase speed
Improve performance
Eliminate rework expenses

Don’t see your industry or application listed? Don’t worry. 10X abrasives are flexible for a wide array of applications. Contact us for more information.

How 10x Is Made

How 10x Is Made

The raw materials for 10X abrasives are sourced from the insulation industry, where minerals are melted at very high temperature and rapidly cooled to produce amorphous glass fibers.

Engineers at 10X invented novel technology to extract byproducts from this process and uncovered an entirely new class of safe, durable, and wickedly-fast blasting abrasives.

Unlike traditional mined abrasives that form crystalline structures under the Earth’s pressure over millions of years, 10X abrasives contain no crystals, fracture planes, or contaminants producing a tougher, faster, and safer abrasive.

We developed the 10X process to isolate, purify, and classify these materials into premium abrasive products that do no harm to the Earth or its inhabitants.


We’re confident 10X will beat any other abrasive out there. But don’t take our word for it—try it yourself.

We dare you.