Mill Scale Sandblasting

Mill scale consists of iron oxides and magnetite that coats the surface of hot rolled steel, and it can be difficult to remove without the proper tools. Sandblasting is a proven method to eliminate mill scale, which must be done before any welding or painting can occur on the metal. At 10X Engineered Materials, our advanced superoxalloy abrasives are safer and more effective than other abrasives like sand, garnet, coal slag, copper slag, and nickel slag at removing mill scale.

10X Kinetix

High-Performance Abrasive Media for Mill Scale Removal

Sandblasting has been used for many years to remove paint, chrome plating, and other materials from surfaces. However, due to the adverse health effects that sand can have on blasters and other workers, manufacturers have turned to other alternative materials for the particles used in the blasting process. At 10X Engineered Materials, we craft superoxalloy abrasives from the byproducts of mineral wool insulation manufacturing. The mineral wool byproduct becomes one of the safest blasting materials available and the only biosoluble abrasive.

Mineral wool has been used effectively and safely for over a century, and it’s the top insulator used for construction around the world. At 10X, we turn mineral wool shot byproduct into safe and effective abrasives for sandblasting and mill scale removal.

Through a highly controlled tempering process that involves high heat — particles are heated to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit — followed by rapid cooling, the molecules of the superoxalloy develop a random, or amorphous, pattern. This arrangement makes them stronger across their entire surface. They are less likely to fracture, so dust production is reduced. By comparison, sand is a semi-crystalline structure. Its pattern of molecules gives it several fracture points, making it prone to breaking up and embedding on impact with a surface.

Nickel Slag vs. 10X Media on Mill Scale

Benefits of Sandblasting Mill Scale With 10X Engineered Materials

Superoxalloy abrasives provide numerous benefits when you need mill scale blasted off:

  • Low dust: Because of the random arrangement of molecules and tempering, superoxalloy particles are less prone to breakage — resulting in less dust formation and a healthier environment for machine operators.
  • Higher blasting pressure: Since superoxalloy particles better resist breaking when they hit a surface, they can withstand pressures up to 150 pounds per square inch (psi) without fracturing. Higher blasting pressure also means more productivity for each particle and a smoother final product.
  • Ultra-low consumption: Another benefit of superoxalloy’s particle toughness and uniform strength is its low consumption. With sand’s semi-crystalline structure, it often fractures when it hits a surface, resulting in diminishing effectiveness as the project continues. However, since each particle of superoxalloy does more work than many particles of other abrasives, much less is needed to complete the project. In addition to consumption savings as high as 80%, there is reduced cleanup time, lower costs, and more productive blasting time.
  • Reusability: More particles stay intact during and after a blasting project. This means more of the abrasive can be reused each time, reducing the amount of downtime for pot refills and making the abrasives more environmentally friendly.
  • Higher surface quality: When other blasting abrasives hit a surface, they can break and get stuck in the material, creating a surface that’s not as smooth. Superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials can be used in both wet or dry blasting, as well as coating removal and new steel applications.
  • Safety: 10X manufactures the only abrasive material in the world with an IARC monograph concluding that it is biosoluble in the lungs and is not classifiable as carcinogenic to humans. No regulating body in the world considers it a possible human carcinogen.



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For abrasive blasting for mill scale, count on the safety and effectiveness of superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials. You’ll get better results whether you need to remove mill scale, paint, or other materials from a surface, along with less dust and cleanup. Contact us to learn more today!