Bridge Sandblasting

Blasting is one of the most critical elements for bridge maintenance. High-performance abrasive media paired with effective blasting equipment helps maintain a bridge’s integrity by removing surface rust, paint, mill scale, and other contaminants that can cause long-term damage and decay. Because extensive repairs and rebuilds are costly, creating a maintenance schedule that includes thorough blasting helps save significant money in the long run.

In addition, bridge blasting is integral to critical infrastructure maintenance because it helps create a clean, consistent finish for superior coating adhesion. Ensuring a properly prepared surface helps to minimize costs and maximize the service life because the coating system will last longer and better protect against corrosion and other harmful contaminants.

10X Abrasives

Abrasive Blasting Media for Bridges

10X Engineered Materials manufactures a highly effective and efficient blasting media for the bridge maintenance industry. We use 100% recycled mineral wool byproducts in an advanced production process to produce superoxalloys that resist breakage when applied at high blasting pressures. 

Our superoxalloy abrasives have an amorphous structure, so they produce cleaner, higher-quality finishes for bridges and other applications than products offered by competitors. They accomplish these performance levels because they are equally strong in all directions and deliver more work energy than fragile abrasives. Our products can withstand the higher pressure to remove the most stubborn coating and corrosion remnants.

Operations can use our abrasives in wet or dry blasting applications, including surface prep for new bridges and regular maintenance for older bridges.

10X Testimonial Video for Bridge Sandblasting Project

Choosing 10X Engineered Materials for Your Bridge Surface Preparation Needs

10X Engineered Materials offers technologically advanced superoxalloys in several grit sizes to meet the unique needs of your bridge-blasting application. Compared to traditional blasting materials like aluminum oxide, coal slag, copper slag, nickel slag, and garnet, our abrasives provide many more advantages, including:

  • Superior surface quality: Our superoxalloys leave less particle embedment on bridge surfaces than conventional abrasives, resulting in a clean finish with exceptional paint or coating adhesion. The material’s unique particle geometry and molecular composition deliver a high-quality finish that other abrasives cannot duplicate. In addition, we utilize strict in-house quality control parameters to ensure product consistency.
  • Safety and environmental benefits: Our blasting media consists of 100% recycled, non-hazardous particles that help promote sustainability. Because they produce less dust, our superoxalloys provide a cleaner work environment with a clearer view for equipment operators. These biosoluble abrasives also increase safety by decreasing exposure to inhalable particles commonly found in other blasting media.
  • Faster speeds: Less breakage and fracturing means that each superoxalloy particle delivers more work across a bridge’s surface. The superior particle composition also means operators can blast our abrasives at higher pressures without causing breakage. Additionally, higher pressures often eliminate the need for time-consuming scraping or burning off lingering materials.
  • Ultra-low consumption: Because each superoxalloy particle does more surface work, applications require fewer blasting materials. Lower consumption also means less vacuuming, fewer nozzle clogs, and minimal pot refills. In addition, operations can reuse our abrasives multiple times.
  • Safety: 10X’s products are the only abrasive materials in the world with an IARC monograph concluding that it is biosoluble in the lungs and is not classifiable as carcinogenic to humans. No regulating body in the world considers it a possible human carcinogen.

DynamiX is our top pick for sandblasting bridges. This innovative product boasts versatility and exceptional performance, thriving in challenging blasting conditions such as shallow angles and extended nozzle standoff distances.

Learn More About Bridge Sandblasting with 10X Engineered Materials

If you’re looking for an innovative blasting solution that delivers a higher-quality finish with increased efficiency, superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials are an excellent choice. Our products have revolutionized blasting processes across various applications, including bridge surface preparation. Contact us online or call 260-253-2278 today to discover more about how our abrasive products can benefit your operation.