Sandblasting Brick

Abrasive blasting — commonly called sandblasting — involves shooting a stream of abrasive materials forcibly against a surface to achieve a specific result, from smoothing and cleaning to removing potentially harmful corrosion or contaminants. The dry blasting process uses an air compressor, a blasting pot, and a nozzle that propels the abrasive with compressed air to remove the topmost layer of a substrate.

At 10X Engineered Materials, we offer innovative blasting abrasives for various applications, including brick sandblasting. Our engineers have decades of combined experience developing practical and effective solutions to suit the blasting needs of a broad industry range.

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What Is the Composition of Brick?

Brick typically contains clay or shale mixed with sand, lime, or other additives to improve performance. Once the mixture forms a brick shape, it undergoes a firing process in a kiln to remove moisture and transform the block into a hard, durable material. Bricks have been used in building and construction industries for centuries for their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs.

Can You Sandblast Brick?

Brick blasting is a highly efficient method for removing dirt, paint, stains, or other unwanted substances from a surface. It is commonly used to restore older bricks or prepare them for repainting. The abrasive particles hit the brick surface at high speed, stripping away the outer layer and revealing a clean and refreshed appearance.

In addition, sandblasting treats the entire brick surface, reaching into pores and cracks to achieve consistent coverage.

Understanding that sandblasting can be a delicate process is critical since bricks can sometimes be softer and more porous than other materials; using the wrong product or technique can cause permanent damage. For this reason, using the right equipment and an abrasive product with a specific grit compatible with bricks is essential. 

Benefits of Brick Sandblasting With Abrasives From 10X Engineered Materials

10X Engineered Materials offers technologically advanced superoxalloys ideal for cleaning, and blasting paint off brick. Our innovative products represent one of the abrasive industry’s most significant breakthroughs. We produce our superoxalloys with byproducts from recycled mineral wool, making them one of the market’s safest and most sustainable solutions.

Our abrasives are often reusable several times over, depending on the application, the grit size, and the blasting pressure used.

Our products offer many advantages over traditional abrasive materials, including:

  • Low dust: Because our abrasive particles resist breakage, they produce less dust at a work site, decreasing exposure to inhalable substances and providing operators with a clearer view.
  • Exceptional surface quality: Less breakage and particle fracturing enable our superoxalloys to do more work across a surface, ensuring complete coverage even for hard-to-reach areas in brick materials.
  • Low consumption: Since our superoxalloys can perform more cycles without fracturing, operators require less blasting media to complete a project, reducing cleanup times and material costs. 
  • Higher blasting speeds: Mineral wool’s unique composition and tempered particles allow operators to blast faster than standard media, particularly on sensitive materials like brick.

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