Shipyard Sandblasting Media

When attempting to achieve the longest life span for your ship, incorporating the most effective blasting techniques into your maintenance practices is critical. Blasting your ship’s surface with a high-performance abrasive safely removes corrosion, coatings, and other contaminants by propelling abrasive particles at high velocities. Although sand was the most common blasting media type for decades, today’s technology has enabled maintenance and overhaul operations to use products that maximize surface quality, enhance worksite safety and promote sustainability.

Ship Sandblasting Media From 10X Engineered Materials

At 10X Engineered Materials, we offer a patented, state-of-the-art superoxalloy shipyard blasting media formulated through a highly controlled tempering process. Our superoxalloy abrasives represent one of the most significant improvements in blasting technology in decades, offering enhanced surface quality at breakthrough speeds. These materials provide ultra-low consumption and increased safety to shipyards and other applications, making them more practical, cost-effective and eco-friendly than conventional media. Our proprietary manufacturing process produces a high-performing abrasive from the byproducts of the mineral wool insulation manufacturing indsutry. Our engineers developed this process to refine the particles and remove all free iron, making them safe for use in applications unable to tolerate free iron contamination. Superoxalloy abrasives contain polymorphous materials in various shapes and sizes. Each particle shape performs a different blasting task, enabling our products to perform multiple steps in one pass while delivering a clean surface.

Shipyard Sandblasting Testimonial & Demonstration

Benefits of Superoxalloy Abrasive Media for Shipyards

Superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials offer an entirely new range of benefits to shipyards and similar blasting applications, including:

  • Safety and environmental advantages: Superoxalloy abrasives offer properties that promote health and safety for workers and the environment. These abrasives produce minimal dust during blasting, decreasing exposure to inhalable materials while creating a clearer view that delivers optimum results in less time. In addition, since our blasting materials are reusable, they help increase sustainability.
  • Cleanliness: Our superoxalloy blasting media resists fracture during impact. It develops a cleaner, more effective surface nearly free of embedded particles while helping delay rust bloom formation. Because operators require minimal time to clean their surfaces, the efficiency of the entire blasting process improves significantly. Also, superoxalloy abrasives contain fewer angular particles, resulting in less wear on equipment consumable components like metering valves, blast hoses and nozzles.
  • Low material consumption: Our superoxalloy abrasives do more work than conventional blasting media, meaning that you’ll require fewer materials to complete your project. In addition, operators can blast superoxalloys at higher pressures while resisting fracture and creating minimal dust. Less fracture means you deliver more energy to the surface, significantly increasing productivity.
  • Superior surface quality: Our superoxalloy abrasives leave behind a lot less particle embedment than other products, producing a clean, surface which results in better coating adhesion. Because of their innovative molecular composition and particle geometry, our materials deliver a surface finish unapproachable by other types of blasting media.

For shipyard sandblasting work, we recommend DynamiX. Our newest product line, DynamiX, is best for tough industrial jobs and the unique challenges that exist in shipyards. It remains versatile and performs well in less than ideal blasting conditions such as at shallow blasting angles and longer than standard nozzle standoff distances.

Shipyard Sandblasting Case Study

Shipyard sandblasting is a crucial process in the maritime industry that is essential for maintaining the integrity of vessels and ensuring they remain seaworthy. Learn how 10X abrasives permitted a shipyard to continue its sandblasting operations after almost having to shut down daytime operations due to the threat of abrasive dust.


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