10X Abrasives Solves Threat of Shipyard Shutdown Due to Dust

Sep 21, 2023 | News

Complaints from shipyard neighbors about abrasive dust threatened to end blasting operations during daytime hours. In search of a solution, the shipyard implemented two ideas from the 10X technical support team

1.) Try 10X Superoxalloy Abrasive

2.) Slightly Modify the Blasting Process

The Results:

Safety80% Less Dust

Shipyard operations saw an estimated dust reduction of up to 80%. Neighbor complaints ended. And blasting operators enjoyed cleaner work conditions and improved visibility.

Reducing total job cost79% Less Abrasive Consumption

Over a period of one year, usage decreased from 3,700,000 lbs. of the previous mineral abrasive to 770,000 lbs. of 10X superoxalloy.

40% Increase In SpeedNeed for speed

Average working speed increased from 200 sq. ft./hour with the previous mineral abrasive to 280 sq. ft./hour with 10X superoxalloy abrasive.

Delayed Rust BloomQuality & results

Superoxalloy finished surfaces in the seaside environment now remain free of rust bloom for more than two weeks in rain free conditions.

Simple Enhancements to the Blasting Process

  1. Switch from older abrasive to 10X superoxalloy
  2. Blast at 100 PSI or higher
  3. Use plunger-style metering valves to allow fine-tuning of flow to low levels (where superoxalloys perform most efficiently)
  4. Regularly check all nozzles for wear and replace when worn
  5. Check air dryers regularly to ensure surface finish quality

The Bottom Line

Here’s what the switch to 10X superoxalloy and simple minutes-a-day enhancements to blasting procedures added up to for the shipyard:

$200,000 to $300,000 per year in additional bottom line profit

And this doesn’t include additional hard-to-measure benefits: more efficient use of dock space, less rework from rust bloom, and added profit from finishing boats in less time.