Arrow Marine Services Further Improves Margins With Switch From KinetiX to DynamiX

We followed one of our clients, Arrow Marine Services, while they tested our new product, Dynamix. They experienced remarkable improvements by switching from slag abrasive to KinetiX-20/70 and then to DynamiX. Here’s what they found: 

Switching from Slag Abrasive to KinetiX-20/70:

1. Efficiency and Time Reduction:

• Vessel blasting time was cut by 50%

• Working time per vessel was reduced by 50%

2. Abrasive Consumption:

• Abrasive consumption per vessel dropped from 30 tons to 10 tons, that’s a 67% decrease in consumption. 

• Significant time savings on cleanup.

3. Cost Savings:

• KinetiX lowered the cost per square foot by 50%.

Further Improvements with DynamiX:

1. Enhanced Efficiency:

• Working time per boat was further reduced from 4 weeks (with KinetiX) to just 3 weeks with DynamiX. That’s a 25% reduction! 

2. Lower Abrasive Consumption:

• Overall abrasive consumption improved by 25% or more. (compared to Kinetix

3. Ease of Use for New Sandblasters:

• Newer sandblasters with little to no blasting experience are much more effective with DynamiX

4. Superior Performance:

• The speed of nonskid removal with DynamiX was described as “the best I have ever seen,” even outperforming steel shot.

Problems we solve

Imagine how these changes in operations would impact your revenue. Not only is Arrow Marine Services seeing a massive cost reduction, but they are able to perform more business faster. 

If you’re looking to solve the problems above and find a solution for the future. Contact us today to learn more about KinetiX-20/70 and DynamiX and how they can benefit your operations.

Don’t take our word for it. If you want a more in-depth understanding of Dynamix, watch this in-depth YouTube interview with Arrow Marine Services blasting leadership. We are all about transparency, so we kept the entire conversation intact.