Military Sandblasting

Military and government applications across all sectors depend on high-quality blasting media for various tasks, including maintenance and surface preparation. Removing old coatings and corrosion from military assets is critical for readiness and ensuring long service lives.

Because of the specialized nature of this equipment, most military branches follow a set of specific standards when performing sandblasting operations, often requiring abrasives that meet strict specifications.

10X Abrasives

Media Blasting Materials for Military Surface Preparation

At 10X Engineered Materials, we proudly work closely with all of the military branches and asset manufacturers to provide high-performance superoxalloy abrasives that meet and exceed the necessary standards and specifications.

Our selection of superoxalloy abrasives works well for military applications like cleaning, coating removal, corrosion removal, surface finishing, and bonding preparation. Whether you work on a military base or manufacturer’s facility producing military-grade equipment, we can help you develop a beneficial blasting process using our NAVSEA approved superoxalloy abrasives.

Our superoxalloy materials stand out because they are equally strong throughout the entire geometry and can perform multiple functions in one pass. We produce these superoxalloys using an innovative tempering process with high heat and rapid cooling, creating non-crystalline particles that resist breakage under high-pressure impact.Because of the minimal fracturing and breakage, the blasting process produces a higher-quality surface finish with less dust. Superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials exceed MIL-A-22262B Naval Sea System Command (NAVSEA) abrasive standards and are included in the Department of Defense Qualified Products Database.

Aluminum Oxide vs 10X Superoxalloy Abrasives

Benefits of 10X Sandblasting Media for Military Applications

We offer superoxalloys in multiple grit sizes to meet various military blasting standards, whether removing paint from a vessel or a tank, or preparing a surface during manufacturing. Our abrasives provide many more benefits than conventional sandblasting for the military, including:

  • Low dust: Superoxalloys create a work environment with low dust, enabling blasting operators to produce higher quality work in less time. Minimal dust also decreases potential exposure to inhalable abrasive byproducts.
  • High speed: Less particle fracture means the abrasives perform more surface work and increase job productivity. Since these particles can perform multiple tasks, they often eliminate the need for a second pass in many blasting applications.
  • Low consumption: Because each particle performs more surface work, operators require far less material to complete a blasting project. The superior strength and high fracture resistance of our superoxalloy abrasives allow operations to reuse them several times over, depending on the specific application and the grit size needed.
  • Higher blasting pressure: Operators can blast our abrasives up to 150 PSI while resisting breakage — a number significantly higher than conventional sandblasting materials. These higher pressures mean operators can perform coating and corrosion removal and surface prep tasks faster and skip chemical treatments, burning or hand scraping.



Learn More About Military Sandblasting With 10X Engineered Materials

If you’re looking for an advanced abrasive solution that increases efficiency, performance and workplace safety for military blasting applications, superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials are a perfect solution. Various military operations — including the United States Navy — rely on our abrasive products for preparing the surfaces of seagoing vessels while maximizing safety and efficiency. Contact us online or call 260-253-2278 with questions or to request additional product information.