Water Tower Sandblasting

Abrasive blasting is an effective process for preparing new and existing metal surfaces for coatings. High-performance abrasives are especially useful for water tower blasting because of the additional challenges of blasting these structures at such great heights. Ensuring a clean, even finish the first time reduces costs by providing better coating adhesion and delivering a longer surface life.

Additionally, water tower blasting is critical for maintaining older structures. Over time, a tower’s surface corrodes and accumulates potentially harmful contaminants. Blasting can strip the existing surface treatment to the bare metal and sufficiently prepare it for a new coating. 

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Water Tower Sandblasting Media From 10X Engineered Materials

The primary factors determining a blasting particle’s safety and performance are its physical shape, molecular structure, and chemical composition. 10X Engineered Materials produces technologically advanced superoxalloys that have revolutionized various surface treatment applications, including water tower sandblasting. Our innovative tempering process uses high heat and rapid cooling with 100% recycled mineral wool byproducts to rearrange the molecules into amorphous shapes with no lines or planes.

The advanced particle geometry makes the abrasives equally strong in all directions, meaning they can resist breakage and fracturing across their entire shape. Because of this enhanced structural integrity, the particles deliver significantly more work than conventional abrasives that are susceptible to fracturing. The superior strength of our superoxalloys also enables higher blasting pressures, eliminating the need for time-consuming burning or scraping to remove stubborn surface remnants.

10X Media vs Aluminum Oxide Demonstration

Benefits of Superoxalloy Abrasive Blasting Media for Water Towers

At 10X Engineered Materials, we produce our superoxalloys in several grit sizes to maximize performance for various applications, including water tower blasting. Our abrasives deliver many more benefits than traditional blasting media, including:

  • Environmental and safety advantages: Our biosoluble superoxalloys produce significantly less dust than conventional products, minimizing employee exposure to inhalable particles. Reduced dust also provides a cleaner worksite and a clear view for blasting equipment operators. Since the mineral wool byproduct is 100% recycled, our abrasives are much more sustainable.
  • Outstanding surface quality: Our abrasives produce less surface embedment with delayed rust bloom. The blasting particles ensure a clean, even finish to maximize coating or paint adhesion. Each particle geometry performs a different task to deliver an appearance that no other single abrasive solution can replicate. 
  • Low consumption: Because our superoxalloys resist breakage and fracturing, operations require fewer materials for their blasting projects. Our abrasives are reusable multiple times over, resulting in significant material cost savings. Reduced consumption also means fewer pot refills, less vacuuming, and decreased cleanup costs.
  • Increased blasting efficiency: Less fracturing and breakage enable our abrasives to deliver higher work rates across a water tower’s surface. Operators can blast our superoxalloys at much higher pressures than abrasives that fracture at lower blasting speeds. Higher pressures help tackle residual materials that often require harsh chemicals or manual scraping to remove.
  • Safety: 10X’s products are the only abrasive materials in the world with an IARC monograph concluding that it is biosoluble in the lungs and is not classifiable as carcinogenic to humans. No regulating body in the world considers it a possible human carcinogen. 


For water tower and tank sandblasting, choose DynamiX. Experience outstanding performance in demanding industrial tasks. This cutting-edge product shines with its adaptability, delivering top-notch results even in harsh blasting conditions with shallow blasting angles, extended nozzle standoff distances, and cutting through thick coatings and pack rust commonly found in tanks.

Discover More About Water Tower Sandblasting with 10X Engineered Materials

If you want to learn more about how our superoxalloys can benefit your blasting application, the professionals at 10X Engineered Materials can guide you. We can help evaluate your existing setup and recommend the ideal abrasive solution for your needs, whether you’re blasting water towers or other metal surfaces. 

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