Heavy Duty Grade, For Your Toughest Industrial Applications

Versatile — Deeper Profile For Max Coating Performance

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Choose DynamiX superoxalloy abrasives for…

  • Thick and difficult to remove coatings: multi-layers, elastomerics, high solids epoxies 
  • Shipyards and tough marine applications
  • Less than ideal blasting conditions such as shallow blast angles or longer than standard distances between the nozzle and the blasting surface
  • Tanks, tank liners, and claddings
  • Rail car maintenance 
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines
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Solves big, complex production challenges

A green anvil iconEngineered for heavy duty, high value assets

Quality & resultsQuality & results: Delayed rust bloom and low-to-no embedment
Reducing total job costReducing total job cost: Lower cost per sq. ft.
SafetySafety: Exceptional worker and environmental safety

Difficult-to-remove coatingsEnhanced cutting and deeper profile for high solids coatings, linings, and claddings

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DynamiX Grade

Surface profile:
3.25- 4.25mil
Versatile, quick-cutting abrasive with a deeper profile suitable for heavy corrosion and thick or hard coatings.

DynamiX Packaging Options

  • 4000 lb. super sacks
  • 2000 lb. super sacks
  • 50 lb. bags (40 bags per pallet)
  • Pneumatic truckloads

“DynamiX provides significant advantages in terms of cost,
efficiency, and output quality. The broader implications of material selection on project timelines and labor costs make
DynamiX a choice of utmost importance.” – 10X Customer

DynamiX Superoxalloy Abrasive on The Job

10X DynamiX Increased Productivity by Over 50% vs Garnet for A Shipyard.


A rusty ship in a shipyard with two people working on the side of the ship

DynamiX improved the results KinetiX drove on rail cars.

  • 25% Speed Gain
  • 20% Lower Consumption
  • Blasting 2.6x More Rail Cars Per Silo
Prevents flash rusting without chemical inhibitors

DynamiX improved the results KinetiX drove for a shipyard.

  • 23% faster
  • 27% lower consumption
View of the underside of the bow of a large ship

Check Out The DynamiX Technical Data Sheet