Sandblasting For Paint Removal

Although operations across a broad industry range have used sandblasting to remove paint for decades, sand as a blasting material has ended because of its health risks to operators. Today’s manufacturers have turned to advanced abrasive materials and formulas that avoid surface damage, enhance sustainability and increase worker safety, making them practical, efficient and economical solutions for paint removal. Various applications rely on these state-of-the-art solutions to streamline maintenance processes, from general construction and manufacturing to rail cars, shipyards, and aerospace industries.

10X EpiX

Remove Coatings Faster With Abrasives From 10X Engineered Materials

At 10X Engineered Materials, we supply innovative superoxalloy abrasives representing the most advanced coating and corrosion removal solutions the industry has seen in decades. We produce each superoxalloy particle through an advanced high heat and rapid cooling tempering process that utilizes byproducts recycled from the manufacturing process of mineral wool insulation. This proprietary process creates an ultra-strong, non-crystalline abrasive identical in chemical composition to mineral wool insulation that resists fracturing and breakage under the stress of high-speed blasting applications. Our tempering process rearranges the material’s molecules into an amorphous particle, making each blasting particle equally strong in all directions while performing multiple blasting functions. Because of the stronger tempered particle, breakage is minimized, and our abrasives produce little to no dust while resulting in a higher-quality surface finish after blasting.

Benefits of Using Abrasive Blasting Media for Removing Coatings

10X Engineered Materials offers superoxalloys in several grit blasting sizes for coating removal to fit your operational needs. Compared to traditional abrasives like mined garnet, slags and aluminum oxide, superoxalloys deliver significantly more benefits for paint removal and other applications, including:

  • Low dust: Superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials ensure a working environment with minimal dust, providing operators with a clearer view and helping them produce higher-quality results in less time. Also, because our abrasives contain less angular particles, they generate a less wear and tear on your blasting equipment.
  • High speed: Less particle breakage leads to minimal energy wasted and more work delivered to the surface needing coating removal. Since each particle performs multiple tasks, superoxalloy abrasives result in significantly faster production times than conventional alternatives.
  • Increased blasting pressure: Operators can blast our superoxalloys up to 150 PSI while resisting breakage. These high blasting pressures remove even the toughest corrosion and coatings with no hand scraping, burning or chemical treatments required for removal.
  • Ultra-low consumption: Because each particle delivers more energy to the surface, operations require less abrasive material to complete a blasting project. Lower consumption also provides many other benefits that increase efficiency, including less vacuuming and reduced time for pot refills.
  • Reusability: Because of their high fracture resistance and superior strength, operations can reuse superoxalloy abrasives several times. Depending on the application, reusability can range from four to six times for our KinetiX product lines and eight to 15 times for our EpiX precision grades.

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If your company needs a safe, effective and sustainable blasting solution for paint removal, superoxalloy from 10X Engineered Materials is a perfect choice. Because of their many benefits, our abrasives have become the market’s fastest-growing products for many different blasting applications. Contact us online or call 260-253-2278 to learn more about how our products can benefit your operation.