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EpiX Superoxalloy Abrasive

Sandblasting has long been a trusted method for removing contaminants, corrosion, and coatings from workpieces or preparing them for secondary finishing. Yet, it’s not without its downsides. Some blasting media can create health hazards, and dusty environments with reduced visibility are common. The process can also be time- and resource-consuming to produce the required surface finish, reducing efficiency and generating workflow bottlenecks.

10X Engineered Materials changes that with our EpiX superoxalloy fine mesh sandblasting media.

What Are EpiX Fine Sandblasting Abrasives?

EpiX is the market’s only biosoluble blasting abrasive. Our patented solution significantly reduces dust, decreases processing time, and is more cost-effective than traditional options. We manufacture EpiX in three profiles — enhanced profile (EP), medium profile (MP), and low profile (LP).

EpiX enhanced profile abrasive material

EpiX EP (Enhanced Profile)

Enhanced, uniform profile for extra hard or tough coatings, including mill scale removal.

A medium profile abrasive material

 EpiX MP (Medium Profile)

Uniform, medium profile. Removes extra-hard or tough coating, oil, dirt and grease, leaving an SP 5 finish.

EpiX EP features a uniform profile that’s enhanced to make quick work of extra hard or tough coatings, like mill scale removal. You can utilize this option in any operation using 46-, 54- or 60-grit aluminum oxide.

EpiX MP offers a uniform, medium profile that removes surface oil, grease, dirt, and extra-tough coatings to produce an SP 5 finish. Choose this product for operations normally requiring an 80- or 100-grit aluminum oxide.

Ideal Uses for EpiX Fine Sandblasting Media

Our EpiX media is perfect across many industry sectors for various applications, such as:

  • Fabrication, device and equipment manufacturing
  • Specialty parts and coatings
  • Powder coating removal and surface preparation
  • Rust, paint and contaminant removal
  • Aluminum, brass, tungsten carbide, Inconel, titanium, stainless steel
  • Any metal applications requiring lower surface profile depths
  • Applications requiring exceptional surface cleanliness
  • Applications requiring precision, uniform finish
  • Tool cleaning

Watch EpiX in Action

Watch the videos below to see for yourself how EpiX superoxalloy outperforms traditional abrasives in sandblasting.

How EpiX Solves “Pursuit of Excellence” Challenges

EpiX offers numerous benefits for your production environment, including:

Quality CertificateHigh-quality results: Using EpiX as the fine abrasive for your sandblaster produces smoother, higher-quality surfaces with zero tolerance for iron contamination or embedment

Epix PrecisionPrecise removal: Our solution promotes precision removal with no burn-off or scraping necessary.

High EfficiencyIncreased efficiency: This material boosts throughput by producing a clean, finished surface in one step.

Health and SafetyImproved safety: Less dust, more visibility and biosoluble media translate directly into a safer workplace and environment.

EpiX Superoxalloy Abrasives on the Job

The following field reports demonstrate how our abrasives achieve measurable results for real-world customers.

Ultra High-Performance

Our solution came to the rescue for a painting contractor tasked with removing a super-hard and dense powder coating. EpiX superoxalloy abrasive quickly creates ready-to-coat surface profiles.

With aluminum oxide
At 2 minutes 30 seconds: less than 10% of powder coating removed.

With EpiX EP

The entire part was clean and restored in 20 seconds, with a ready-to-use, profiled surface.

Ultra high-performance

Improved Processes

​Our superoxalloy helped one contractor turn a project delay into a job finished ahead of schedule. The company reduced its removal time for chrome sulfur plate coating by 62.5% versus crushed glass.

Finished stainless steel frame blasted once with EpiX, leaving a 1.8 mil profile, ready for coating.

EpiX Process Improvement

Superior Surface Cleanliness

EpiX helped one manufacturer take a quantum leap in productivity, quality, manufactured part yield and profitability

An asphalt milling bit cleaned with EpiX EP produced a desired surface profile without flux cleaning in just 10 minutes (vs. 30 minutes plus flux cleaning for silicon carbide blasting).

The brazed bond did not fail, exceeding the performance of the tungsten carbide tip, which cracked at 18,000 PSI.

EpiX Superior surface cleanliness

Leverage EpiX for Your Blasting Operations

Our team is dedicated to innovating, getting results, and embracing safety. When we set out to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we did it with a vision of producing something better than the market’s current offerings. Today, we continue to embody that spirit to drive the industry forward.

Make an engineered decision and order EpiX online today, or contact us for additional information.

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