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KinetiX High-Production Grades

While sandblasting is crucial to many projects, the operation has its challenges. Many issues lie in the commercial sandblasting abrasives available today. They’re dusty, can pose health issues, and aren’t always as efficient as you’d like for cost and throughput.

Allow 10X Engineered Materials to introduce KinetiX, an innovative solution for optimizing surface preparation.

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What Is KinetiX Industrial Sandblasting Media?

KinetiX is a superoxalloy that has revolutionized the market as one of the best sandblasting media available. We’ve engineered our patented abrasive to be biosoluble, improving safety for your workforce and the environment. This media produces less dust and is the most cost-effective option for your organization.

If you’re looking for fine sandblasting media, consider browsing our EpiX solution, instead!

Ideal Applications and Industries for KinetiX Superoxalloy Abrasives

How KinetiX Solves Big, Complex Production Challenges

Need for speedHigh-volume capability: Our solution quickly performs surface preparation, so you can confidently take on big projects with tight timetables.

Quality & resultsQuality results: KinetiX delays rust bloom and delivers low-to-no embedment for better-quality surfaces.

Reducing total job costReduced costs: Our superoxalloy media offers a lower cost per square foot, helping keep total job expenses down.

SafetyExceptional safety: With its low-dust, biosolubility, KinetiX promotes higher worker and environmental safety.

KinetiX Grades

We proudly manufacture KinetiX in several grades to meet differing application needs.

An all-purpose abrasive materials with a 2.5-3.5 mil surface profile

KinetiX 20/70

KinetiX 20/70 is ideal for all-purpose use with a medium profile ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 mils. Choose this option for efficiently removing mill scale, coatings and corrosion in many industrial applications.

A general purpose abrasive with a 2-3 mil surface profile

KinetiX 40/70

This grade is suitable for many medium-to-thick coatings as a general-purpose solution. Its 2.0-to-3.0-mil profile is perfect for engraving and stone cutting.

KinetiX Packaging Options

Our KinetiX abrasive media is available in several convenient sizes depending on your needs:

A pallet of KinetiX 50lb bags
  • 4000 lb. super sacks
  • 2000 lb. super sacks
  • 50 lb. bags (40 bags per pallet)
  • Pneumatic truckloads

Outstanding Results With KinetiX Superoxalloy Abrasive

Explore the results we’ve helped companies like yours achieve with innovative KinetiX.

Removes Difficult Coatings

A painting contractor was stuck with baking and scraping to remove 200-plus mils of multilayer paint — until he tried our industrial sandblasting media.

With ultra-effective KinetiX, this ultra-thick coating didn’t stand a chance.

Removes 200+ mil of paint layers, eliminating baking and scraping

Delays Rust Bloom

Flash rusting is always challenging with sandblasted steel. KinetiX prevents it without chemical inhibitors.

This ship hull was blasted and left fully exposed to humidity for two weeks. The surface maintained SSPC-SP6 outside the rain runoff areas.

Prevents flash rusting without chemical inhibitors

Promotes Ultra-Low Consumption

One recoating project used a 50-pound bag of copper slag just to complete 5% of the surface preparation.

By switching to KinetiX, this contractor consumed 74% less blasting media and realized a 33% cost savings.

74% less blasting media consumed with KinetiX vs. copper slag

Performs Significantly Faster

This project involved a tough-to-remove marine-grade epoxy, and garnet was becoming a cost drain.

Replacing that abrasive with KinetiX generated 40% faster results and saved the company 23.6% on total job costs.

36% faster than garnet at removing epoxy, less abrasive consumed

Watch KinetiX At Work

Take a closer look at KinetiX in action by watching the videos below.

Get the Results You Want With KinetiX

Ready for more sandblasting efficiency, speed and safety at a lower cost? KinetiX is available for purchase nationwide from our authorized distributor network.

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