10X superoxalloy abrasives eliminate rust bloom and leave a clean surface

Prevents flash rusting without chemical inhibitors

The Challenge

Flash rust after blasting steel can be a major scheduling challenge and cost drain for surface preparation and painting contractors. Painters have to be ready to come in right behind blasters to make sure surfaces are coated before flash rusting starts. It is common for parts and structures to have to be blasted a second time if they are not coated in time.

The 10X Breakthrough

With KinetiX superoxalloy abrasive, blasters can say “goodbye” to rust bloom. There’s no need for extra steps, like chemical treatment, or extra equipment, like dehumidifiers. In a customer trial, a single panel was blasted with garnet and KinetiX superoxalloy abrasive, then left outside for a period of 3 days, during which it rained for periods of time. The portion blasted with garnet showed significant rust, while the portion blasted with KinetiX superoxalloy did not. 10X superoxalloy abrasives leave a truly clean surface with no embedment or residue to initiate corrosion on the surface.