Chrome Sandblasting

10X Abrasives
Because chrome plating is typically more durable than many other industrial coatings, removing this from a surface can often be challenging. Abrasive blasting — also referred to as sandblasting — is a technique that can strip away chrome and other platings by spraying fine abrasive particles at a high pressure and speed. Various applications rely on high-quality abrasives to remove chrome plating from the substrate without damaging the surface, often in the automobile industry. At 10X Engineered Materials, we offer an advanced solution that can remove chrome plating and leave a clean finish, unlike conventional materials such as, glass, garnet and slags that can damage sensitive surfaces. Whether you want to remove the original finish for aesthetics or need to apply a new finish, our abrasives can perform the job efficiently while delivering exceptional quality.

High-Performance Abrasive Media for Chrome

10X Engineered Materials offers the most technologically advanced chrome blasting media the market has ever seen. We produce our EpiX and KinetiX superoxalloys using byproducts from the mineral wool insulation manufacturing industry in a highly controlled tempering process. This innovative process produces an ultra-strong, non-crystalline abrasive identical to mineral wool that resists breakage and fracturing when blasted at high speeds. Our abrasives leave cleaner finishes than conventional sandblasting media because of the polymorphous properties of the superoxalloys. The tempering process rearranges the molecule structure into an amorphous particle, enabling the blasting particles to perform multiple functions with equal strength in all directions. Because of the minimal breakage, our blasting media produce less dust and performs more work in less time across a surface.

Amorphous Particles vs. Crytstalline Particle

Benefits of Choosing Chrome Blasting Media From 10X Engineered Materials

Superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials provide a comprehensive range of benefits to operations needing chrome blasting abrasives, including:

  • Lower dust: Less fracturing and reduced breakage results in less dust, creating increased visibility for blasting operators, a safer working environment and a cleaner surface finish. The minimal dust also produces less wear and tear on the blasting equipment.
  • Higher blasting pressure: Operators can safely blast our abrasives with higher pressures than conventional media. Our superoxalloy particles remain intact at pressures up to 150 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • Lower consumption: Because each abrasive particle can perform multiple functions without breaking, operators require significantly fewer blasting materials to complete a job. Lower consumption also produces many operational benefits, including reduced cleanup costs, fewer pot refills and less downtime.
  • Faster speeds: The high work rate of each superoxalloy particle means operators can complete chrome blasting jobs faster than using conventional abrasives.
  • Increased reusability: Since superoxalloy particles are more durable and remain intact after impact, operations can reuse them several times for future projects. Reusability varies from eight to 15 times for smaller our EpiX product lines and four to six times for our KinetiX product lines.

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If you want to discover more details about how our products can benefit your chrome blasting application, the professionals at 10X Engineered Materials can assist you. Besides producing a superior-quality finish, our abrasives are among the most cost-effective blasting solutions on the market. Call 260-253-2231 or contact us online today with questions or to request additional product information.