Automotive Sandblasting

Automotive manufacturers and restoration shops frequently use blasting operations for their surface preparation tasks. Professionals in these industries rely on automotive sandblasting equipment to remove rust, paint and other coatings or contaminants quickly and completely. A properly profiled, clean surface promotes better adhesion for new coatings, leading to a high-quality finish.

Yet, you need more than simply investing in a well-crafted sandblaster for car restoration and manufacturing to produce the exceptional results you want. You also need the right blasting media. Historically, that’s meant turning to materials like aluminum oxide, and other mineral abrasives. 10X Engineered Materials developed better solutions — ones that are faster, healthier, more sustainable, and more cost-effective.

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Automotive Sandblasting Media From 10X Engineered Materials

Identifying the ideal automotive blasting media can be challenging, with standard materials having considerable drawbacks that offset their advantages. We set out to solve the issues with an innovative science-driven approach that relies on particle strength versus sharpness and hardness. The results are revolutionary new media changing the game for surface prep in automotive manufacturing and restoration.

Our superoxalloy abrasives are specially engineered formulations of 100% recycled oxide materials from the mineral wool manufacturing process. Mineral Wool manufacturing starts with a controlled tempering process that introduces high heat followed by rapid cooling. This technique produces non-crystalline insulation fibers and superoxalloy abrasive particles that can withstand increased blasting pressure without breakage. The breakage resistance helps reduce the surface embedment, which is typical with media like aluminum oxide and other mineral abrasives.

Our amorphous formulation also results in random atom arrangements that promote consistent strength in every direction. The unique mix of rounded and angular particles in 10X’s superoxalloy abrasives prevents edge-prone weaknesses common in other media. It also allows 10X Engineered Materials superoxalloys to resist breaking regardless of where particle force occurs.

Why Our Superoxalloys Are the Best Sandblasting Media for Cars

Our superoxalloy materials are among the best solutions for surface preparation in automobile restoration and manufacturing.

Safer Operations

10X Engineered Materials’ solutions promote safer, healthier environments for blasting operations teams.

Our products generate far less dust than their traditional counterparts, which increases visibility and limits the potential for inhalation.

Additionally, our mineral wool base is completely biosoluble — the only blasting media on the market earning this level of worker safety. Unlike aluminum oxide and other mineral abrasives, production dust isn’t harmful to the lungs. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has examined decades of medical evidence and studies related to exposure to mineral wool dust. Their unanimous decision is that even long-term exposure poses no more danger than ordinary dust.

Environmental Friendliness

10X Engineered Materials crafts its superoxalloys from a byproduct of mineral wool insulation manufacturing. This green, sustainable business practice creates a valuable product from what would otherwise be a waste stream. As a result, it supports more sustainability and eco-friendliness through waste reduction and less resource use.

Our products are amorphous and contain no crystalline domains. Our products have also achieved California Air Resources Board certification and a clean Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Protocol.

Maximized Value

10X Engineered Materials products require less abrasive per square foot to get high-quality results. The lower amount of material needed for the project translates directly into substantial cost savings. You can reuse our blasting media multiple times with a lower particle breakage rate during blasting operations.

Our media is kinder to your blasting systems component than aluminum oxide and other mineral abrasives are. Blasting system parts like nozzles, blast hoses, and fittings will last longer when using 10X’s superoxalloy abrasives. This is due to two things. First, you use a lot less abrasive per square foot, so you are sending less material through your system. Second, our particles do not produce as much friction within the blasting system as aluminum oxide does, therefore you have less wear and tear on all of your consumables, which extends their service life for additional cost-effectiveness.

High-Quality Results

Whether you use a sandblaster for car restoration or during manufacturing, our superoxalloy abrasives help you produce the ideal surface for finishing. Their unique shape, structure, and controlled formulation allow for complete contaminant removal without damaging the underlying material. That means virtually no embedment or other flaws that older abrasive technologies can create.

Faster Throughput

An increased abrasive particle efficiency and it’s resistance to shattering during high-speed impact combined with optimal air pressure leads to much faster results. Unlike traditional abrasive media, your workforce can blast our abrasives without breakage up to 150 pounds per square inch. Operators often finish contaminant removal with a single pass and no additional burning or scraping. They also enjoy reduced cleanup time to keep production moving forward on schedule.

Make an Engineered Decision With 10X Engineered Materials

10X Engineered Materials strives to transform blasting operations through dedication to quality, innovation, and technical expertise. Our specialized media drives exceptional value in many industries, including automotive restoration and manufacturing. The superoxalloy abrasives we manufacture enable blasting operations that are more efficient, safer, faster, eco-friendly, and much more cost-effective.

Buy your ideal media securely through our website, or contact an expert by emailing us or calling 260-253-2278 for ordering advice.