Sandblasting Powder Coating

Powder coating is a popular option for protecting various parts and structures because it is stronger and more durable than typical liquid coating systems, but it can still chip and experience wear over time. Sandblasting, or abrasive blasting, powder-coated surfaces may be necessary to remove the material effectively and produce a clean surface for reapplication. Choosing the best blasting media for powder coating is vital to ensure future coating applications have a clean surface area to adhere to and result in better, longer-lasting finishes. 

Sandblasting Powder Coating Effectively With 10X Abrasive Media

If you’re searching for an effective abrasive media for powder coating, look no further than 10X Engineered Materials EpiX product line. We source our superoxalloy abrasives from the byproducts — called “shot” — created during mineral wool insulation manufacturing. After a precise tempering process, during which the recycled raw materials are heated and then rapidly cooled, we create safe abrasive materials that are perfect for powder coating removal and surface prep.

These superoxalloy abrasives are amorphous and biosoluble, meaning they are equally strong in every direction and are safe for workers and consumers. They also come in six unique shapes, from angular to rounded, letting you remove powder coating and clean up the surface underneath simultaneously. This abrasive media’s strength results in a blasted surface with greater surface area and better adhesion, and its composition makes it ideal for use with nonferrous materials like aluminum, magnesium, Inconel, and stainless steel that shouldn’t be contaminated with free iron.

Removing powder coating with our innovative abrasive media can produce an SSPC-SP5 finish, even if the specifications don’t require it. The resulting 100% clean white metal can stay rust-free for weeks and serve as a workable surface for various applications, from welding to recoating.


Why Use 10X Superoxalloy For Powder Coating Removal?

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Benefits of Our Blasting Media for Powder Coating

With the various grit blasting options from 10X Engineered Materials, you can remove powder coating effectively. Our superoxalloys offer several advantages over traditional abrasives, like aluminum oxide, garnet, and slags, including:

  • Minimal dust: Our abrasive media produces less dust since the particles don’t fracture as easily as other blasting abrasives. Reduced dust means not as much cleanup is required after a blasting project is completed.
  • Low consumption: Because the particles are less prone to breaking, you can use fewer superoxalloy abrasives to complete blasting projects. However, even with fewer particles, superoxalloys are more efficient and effective at removing powder coating than other abrasives.
  • Higher blasting pressure: Operators can blast our amorphous abrasive media at up to 150 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is a higher pressure than other abrasives can withstand. As a result, the blasting process requires much less time — you can perform powder coating removal with one pass without other techniques or treatments.
  • High surface quality: Powder coating requires completely clean surfaces to prevent imperfect finishes. Blasting media from 10X Engineered Materials produces clean and smooth surfaces that are ideal for future powder coating applications.
  • Reusability: Unlike other abrasives that must be discarded after just one use, our superoxalloys can be reused for future projects. While the number of times the particles can be reused differs based on the application, operators can often use EpiX product line materials from eight to 15 times.

Sandblasting Powder Coating Case Study

See how 10X media helped a company blast a hangar hook that was covered in multiple layers of powder coating. View the comparison between the hangar being blasted with aluminum oxide versus our 10X media.


Discover More About Abrasive Media From 10X Engineered Materials

If you want to learn more about how our innovative products could assist you with powder coating removal, our professionals are here to help. 10X Engineered Materials can support your goals of protecting your team members and enjoying better results with our abrasives. Call our knowledgeable team at 260-253-2231 or contact us online today to ask questions and find out more about our offerings.