About superoxalloy abrasives

an all-new class ofabrasive blast media

What is a superoxalloy abrasive?

Superoxalloy (soo-per-ox’-uh-loy)

An engineered alloy of oxide minerals created through highly controlled formulation and tempering (high heat + rapid cooling). The process creates non-crystalline (amorphous) particles that resist breakage under stress of high-speed mechanical impact.

[ From metallurgy/minerology: superalloy + oxide ]

Super Ox Alloy

Ultra safe

Superoxalloy abrasives have a clean health and safety profile for workers and the environment.


Superoxalloy abrasives resist breakage and can be reused many times.

Unlike crystalline particles (like those in slags, garnet and aluminum oxide), amorphous particles do not have any fracture planes. Amorphous particles are equally strong in all directions and resist breakage up to 120 PSI or higher.

Amorphous Particles vs. Crytstalline Particle

Extremely low dust

Superoxalloy abrasives create a low-dust work environment. The clear view helps operators deliver higher-quality results in less time. The difference is clear.

Extremely Low Dust

Formed for efficiency

Superoxalloy abrasives are made up of polymorphous particles, meaning particles with many shapes. Each shape can perform different tasks in a blasting job, enabling superoxalloys to perform multiple blasting steps in one and deliver a clean, ready-to-coat surface.

Formed for Efficiency

Virtually no embedment

Superoxalloy abrasives leave a truly clean substrate, free of embedded particles which can trigger rust bloom.

No Embedment