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Product Brochure CoverLearn how process improvement science led to the development of a new category of blasting media: superoxalloy abrasives

Explore specifications, applications and performance results for our KinetiX and EpiX product lines.

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Learn the information relating to occupational safety and health for the use of superoxalloy abrasives

Explore composition, properties and equipment recommendations for our KinetiX and EpiX product lines.

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What is a superoxalloy abrasive?

What is a superoxalloy abrasive?

Superoxalloy Abrasives: A Breakthrough in Blasting: Superoxalloys are an entirely new category of abrasives and the most significant improvement in blasting abrasive technology in decades, delivering breakthrough speed and improved surface quality.


Customer breakthrough: Safety Advantages

Customer breakthrough: Safety Advantages

10X Superoxalloy have Many Safety Advantages: 10X superoxalloy abrasives are ultra safe and ultra low dust. Hear why this customer made the switch to superoxalloy abrasives.

Ragz 2 Rich’s

Ragz 2 Rich’s

Customer Spotlight: Learn what 10X customer Ragz 2 Rich’s experience has been using superoxalloy abrasives.