74% less blasting media consumed with KinetiX superoxalloy vs. copper slag

74% less blasting media consumed with KinetiX vs. copper slag

The Challenge

A contractor preparing a tank for recoating blasted through a 50 lb. bag of copper slag 20/40 in 2 minutes and 43 seconds, removing only 5 sq. ft. of rust from the tank. The copper slag showed visible signs of embedment, potentially triggering rust bloom.

The 10X Breakthrough

When the blasting media was switched to superoxalloy abrasive, 50 lbs. of KinetiX 20/70 finished the rest of the job in 10 minutes and 8 seconds. Less abrasive used and an increase in speed produced a 33% cost savings for the job compared to copper slag. In addition, KinetiX left a brighter, cleaner, ready-to-coat surface with no embedment.