Sandblasting Cast Iron

Cast iron is surprisingly fragile — you’ll harm the material and reduce its effectiveness with the wrong abrasive. Sandblasting, however, can provide an effective way to prepare surfaces of cast iron for processes like powder coating and galvanizing while removing corrosion or rust. Investing in high-quality abrasives for abrasive-blasting cast iron can deliver lasting, effective results.

A desk and chair with parts made of cast iron

Can You Sandblast Cast Iron?

Yes, you can sandblast cast iron. Sandblasting is an efficient, effective method for restoring cast iron. While cast iron has a high compressive strength, it’s non-malleable and fragile when dropped or mishandled. Sandblasting cast iron requires a finer mesh abrasive to avoid over-profiling the surface.

Cast iron is best blasted with the precision offered by a finer abrasive. When choosing the right material, look no further than 10X Engineered Materials. Our EpiX MP abrasives are purposely designed for handling more delicate tasks, ensuring you achieve exceptional results every time. 

EpiX-MP is our most common abrasive product chosen for abrasive or grit-blasting cast iron. Its finer particle size and resulting moderate profile let you get the clean surface you want without damage or risk of overprofiling the surface. 10X’s EpiX-MP leaves a hybrid peened and angular profile on your cast iron, giving the metal a low profile depth with a high surface area. These qualities are ideal for extending your cast iron’s life and delivering excellent coating adhesion strength. 


How 10X Abrasives Are Different From Other Abrasives

10X’s superoxalloy abrasives are a carefully crafted alloy of oxide materials achieved through precise formulation and controlled heat treatment. The manufacturing process yields amorphous particles known for their resistance to fracturing when exposed to high-speed mechanical forces.

Our EpiX superoxalloys are made from mineral wool insulation byproducts. This groundbreaking innovation results in highly durable, non-crystalline abrasives that create cleaner finishes while remaining intact. With the unique shapes and high particle strength, you can remove powder coating while cleaning and profiling the surface of your substrate. You get advanced material engineering with an unmatched level of precision and control whenever you work with our patented superoxalloy abrasive blasting media.

What sets 10X abrasives apart is low dusting and high working speed, which leaves behind a clean surface and properly profiled surface with minimal embedment. These unique features ensure a clean surface and extend protection against rust bloom formation, offering superior coating adhesion strength and exceptional surface finishes.

10X abrasives are a major breakthrough innovation in the world of abrasive blasting thanks to their advanced precision, quality, sustainability, and commitment to safety and innovation. When you choose 10X Engineered Materials, you’re choosing a better future, so make an engineered decision.

Benefits of Sandblasting Cast Iron With 10X Media

Choosing abrasives from 10X ensures you get access to advanced benefits and unmatched performance. If you’re seeking cutting-edge abrasives for sandblasting cast iron, our superoxalloys deliver these benefits:

  • Low dust: 10X abrasives are engineered to minimize dust generation during sandblasting. Users will enjoy a cleaner working environment, reduced health and safety concerns, and greatly improved surfaces.
  • Low consumption: Superoxalloy abrasives are engineered for efficiency, resulting in lower abrasive consumption. Our blasting abrasives deliver more energy per particle while remaining intact, delivering the desired results with less material and greater efficiency, ultimately reducing operating costs.
  • Higher blasting pressure: Our abrasives are designed to withstand up to 150 (psi), letting you blast at much higher operating pressures, enabling greater throughput and faster production results.
  • High surface quality: When you sandblast cast iron with 10X abrasives, you’ll see significant improvements in surface quality. The abrasive’s precision and consistency contribute to a clean SSPC SP-5 white metal finish on your cast iron.
  • Reusability: Our unique engineering process produces highly durable particles. This durability lets you reuse our abrasives, reducing your expenses and minimizing waste. You’ll maximize your results and enjoy better surface quality while decreasing overall costs.

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The high-performance abrasive media available from 10X Engineered Materials is meticulously crafted to ensure precision, efficiency, and exceptional results. If you’re looking to sandblast your cast iron and achieve a superior surface finish, our superoxalloy abrasives will help you achieve the lasting results you want. Contact us now to explore our products and discover how we can elevate your projects.