Sandblasting Copper

Copper blasting — also called sandblasting — refers to using abrasive media for cleaning or preparing the surface of a copper substrate. The process involves directing a high-pressure stream of abrasives onto the workpiece to remove corrosion, oxidation, coatings, or other unwanted substances. Copper blasting is prevalent across various industries that require a reliable and efficient method for creating a smooth, clean surface.

Superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials are one of the industry’s most effective solutions for blasting copper. We use byproducts of mineral wool, which are inert and non-reactive with copper, to formulate an abrasive particle that resists fracturing and breakage, creating a highly effective blasting solution for softer metals like copper.

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Copper Properties

Copper is a reddish-orange metallic element consisting of atoms packed closely together in a crystalline structure. It often pairs with other metals to form alloys known for their high thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is also highly corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal solution for marine and outdoor applications such as roofs, pipes, and gutters.

Copper also has solid antimicrobial properties, a characteristic beneficial in applications requiring materials with high cleanliness levels, such as health care. Additionally, it is common in manufacturing and fabrication applications using soft or malleable metals. Because of its high weldability and machinability, copper is among the most used metals in the welding industry.

Can You Sandblast Copper?

Although copper sandblasting is among the most effective solutions for surface preparation, operators must use the appropriate equipment and blasting media because of the metal’s high sensitivity. When performed correctly, copper blasting is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than manual cleaning or scraping.

Despite its versatility and many benefits, copper can develop stains, tarnish, and oxidation when improperly maintained. Blasting can effectively remove these blemishes to restore the metal’s natural shine and luster. In addition, fabrication operations often rely on blasting to promote better adhesion for paint, coatings, or plating.

Benefits of Choosing 10X Engineered Materials for Copper Abrasives

Our formulation process creates a strong, resilient blasting particle that works much more effectively than most conventional abrasives. Compared to traditional abrasives like aluminum oxide and garnet, our superoxalloys offer many more advantages for copper sandblasting and other applications, including: 

  • Low dust: Because our superoxalloys resist breakage, they produce less dust, providing operators with clearer views to complete projects faster and more accurately. The unique particle formulation also makes blasting operations safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • High efficiency: Less fracturing and breakage result in each particle performing more work across a material’s surface. Since each abrasive particle delivers more effective cutting action, our solutions enable much faster blasting times.
  • Low consumption: Because each abrasive particle achieves higher work rates, operations need less media to complete a blasting project. Additionally, the breakage resistance means that operators can potentially reuse the abrasives several times over, depending on the grit size and blasting pressure.

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If you’re looking for an advanced copper sandblasting solution that improves product quality and process efficiency without damaging a surface, superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials are an excellent choice. Discover why many professionals across various industries choose our abrasives over similar products from competitors. Visit an authorized distributor near you today or contact us online with questions.