Choosing the Best Garnet Blasting Grit for Stone Carving​

Garnet sand as an abrasive blast media can be used to prepare for industrial painting or powder coating without a problem. Many users report that garnet saves them a ton of time as well since it cuts deeper and more precisely than other common media choices.

Garnet is a hard abrasive blast media that is well-suited for stone carvings. It’s popular among artists who do work on stone and granite. It’s also a standard in the grave marker industry.

Garnet sandblasting for stone makes use of an air compressor to propel blast abrasive grains through a nozzle at high velocity onto your chosen project surface. It has various applications.

Garnet blasting applications include:

  • Hard stone buildings, brick restoration, and masonry (testing is advised)
  • Monument and statue restoration work
  • Paint, rust, and mill scale removal

This hard abrasive is fast-cutting, low-dust producing and low-consuming, excellent for removing tough coatings, paint, rust and mill scale from steel. Garnet also permits precise feathering control. 

All around, it’s a decent option for general outdoor surface preparation and could be considered for your next stone carving project.

A few things to consider before starting your blasting project

Before starting a blasting project, it’s important to consider the grit size of your abrasive blast media. 

While garnet seems like a great choice for your next project, there are some downsides that should be considered. Compared to superoxalloy abrasives (discussed further down), garnet wanes in comparison in regard to project efficiency. 

In a time test, garnet took 60% longer to remove a layer of epoxy when compared to superoxalloy abrasives. Depending on the project, time is money. The best route is superoxalloy, and 10X Engineered Materials provides exactly that.

Choosing the best abrasive for carving stone 

Picking the right abrasive blast material is an essential step in your stone carving project. When choosing the abrasive, it is important to remember the cost factors and reusability of your material. Superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials can save you both time and money on your next stone carving project. 

10X is utilizing the breakthrough of superoxalloy and has created two products (KinetiX and EpiX) that surpass other blast media.  

These abrasives are made up of polymorphous particles, meaning they can perform multiple functions at one time, removing the layers quicker and more efficiently in just one step. 

Currently, KinetiX and EpiX are available from abrasive distributors around the US. If you don’t see a distributor near you, contact 10X and we will work with you to get you what you need. EpiX abrasive, which is best for precision applications such as powder coating and medical applications, is also available to purchase directly from the 10X Engineered Materials website.