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Aluminum Oxide has not changed its technology since the 1930s… We’re offering a cutting-edge solution that increases efficiency and cost-savings. 


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EpiX is available in two different ranges — select the best option for your application based on the aluminum oxide grit size you currently use.

EpiX Enhanced Profile

EpiX enhanced profile (EP) replaces standard aluminum oxide abrasive in 46- 54- and 60-grit grades. This expertly engineered solution offers superior performance in removing tough surface coatings. EpiX EP also achieves multiple process steps in one surface preparation step, promoting greater process efficiency. Choose from two convenient sizes to meet your application’s needs.

EpiX Medium Profile

EpiX medium profile (MP) is the ideal replacement for 80- and 100-grit aluminum oxide. It’s perfect for removing coatings and eliminating corrosion, grease, dirt, oil, and other surface contaminants. Our EpiX superoxalloy abrasives achieve a superior clean finish, achieving an SSPC-SP5 white metal blast in one pass and with reduced abrasive blasting media consumption than aluminum oxide. We proudly supply EpiX MP in smaller lots and bulk quantities to meet your blasting material volume requirements.

10X Superoxalloy Abrasive vs. Aluminum Oxide Blast Media

It’s time to retire outdated and hazardous aluminum oxide blast media. Using this material in your blasting operations can create:

  • Health issues like respiratory irritation and shortness of breath.
  • Aluminum Oixde blasting media particle embedment in the surface, reducing coating adhesion.
  • Excess wear and tear on blasting system consumables like blasting hoses and nozzles.
  • Darkening on more delicate surfaces.

Make an engineered decision and move to 10X Engineered Materials’s superoxalloy — an innovative solution that outperforms aluminum oxide abrasive. Our blasting media is crafted to be better through careful material selection and controlled formulation. We create these particles with a byproduct of mineral wool insulation that produces the market’s only biosoluble abrasive. As a result, our abrasive blasting media solution:

  • Supports healthier working environments.
  • Causes no long-term harm to the lungs if inhaled.
  • Generates dramatically lest blasting dust.
  • Consumes less abrasive media per square foot.
  • Improves productivity through faster surface preparation and the elimination of re-work.
  • Produces more attractive finishes with no secondary cleaning steps necessary.
  • Enhances the bond strength between the substrate and the coating system due to ultra-clean surfaces with little to no abrasive embedment.
  • Delays rust bloom formation after blasting.
  • Extends the life span of consumables like blasting hoses, nozzles, and fittings.

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Our solution creates atypical results compared to typical aluminum oxide media. Watch EpiX remove epoxy- and powder-coated steel in less time with lower abrasive consumption than aluminum oxide blasting media.

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You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from real customers about the results they achieve with EpiX.

I’m using 10X blast media and it worked very well… better than I expected, and it lasts far longer than aluminum oxide. 

I have used all sorts of media. 10X blew me away. Every single thing I blasted, I had a faster cut time. The kicker was the final finish.

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10X Engineered Materials proudly serves businesses in many industries with our specialized blasting media. We combine decades of collective industry experience and expertise with an unwavering passion for quality and innovation. Our solutions empower modern blasting operations with higher process efficiencies and support their pursuit of excellence.

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