10X abrasives clean more surface area with 10% less media than garnet.

10X performed a trial at a customer’s maintenance facility comparing 10X to a legacy blast media. The two abrasives used were a 50lb bag of 10X 20/70 made in Wabash, Indiana USA and 55lb bag of garnet 30/60 mined and packaged in India. The customer used a small pot at ~100PSI at the nozzle and test blasted paint off of steel panels. Each abrasive media lasted 4 minutes. The pot full of 10X cleaned and profiled 53% more surface area with 10% less media! From past trials 10X knows that with a higher pressure at the nozzle the customer would see the same amount of surface area work with 10X but complete the work in much less time.

This is a major point in 10X’s value proposition that we see every day.