Can You Sandblast a Deck?

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Deck maintenance ensures longevity and beauty. Painting and staining are popular for enhancing a deck’s appearance and durability, and preparing the deck for such treatment is crucial. Sandblasting is a powerful technique among the various preparation methods to strip away old finishes, smooth out rough spots and create a suitable surface for new applications.

Sandblasting a Deck

Sandblasting can be highly effective for preparing a deck for refinishing or restoration. It provides a thorough cleaning that removes unwanted surface residues. It can also reach the tightest crevices to provide a uniformly prepared surface across the entire deck. Sandblasting is beneficial, especially for large or intricately designed decks, where manual sanding would be time-consuming. The key to sandblasting is choosing the appropriate abrasive material and equipment settings to ensure the wood is cleaned and smoothed without damaging it. 

Standard abrasives for sandblasting decks include corn cob, walnut shells, baking soda, aluminum oxide and glass beads. Each of these traditional abrasives has its benefits, but they also have limitations such as:

  • Inefficiency: Softer abrasives such as baking soda require longer blasting times and may not effectively remove stubborn layers of paint or stain, leading to insufficient surface preparation.
  • Surface damage: Harsh abrasives such as aluminum oxide or garnet can remove paint effectively but may leave deep scratches in the wood, compromising its appearance or integrity. These abrasives may also cause lung damage if inhaled and are not environmentally friendly. 

To overcome these limitations, 10X Engineered Materials has developed superoxalloy abrasives such as EpiX. Unlike traditional abrasives, superoxalloys are designed to be both tough on unwanted residues and gentle on the underlying surface, making them ideal for sandblasting decks.

Advantages of Using Superoxalloy Abrasives for Deck Sandblasting

Superoxalloy abrasives offer a revolutionary solution that blends superior performance with environmental consciousness. Our abrasives provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • Safety for users and the environment: 10X Engineered Materials offers the only biosoluble abrasives on the market, made of the byproduct of mineral wool. They clear from the lungs quickly, posing no long-term health risks if inhaled.
  • Durability and cost-effectiveness: Superoxalloys are uniquely durable. They can be reused many times. They are more cost-effective, as less abrasive material is needed to achieve the desired result. They can also strip away unwanted material from a deck faster, saving time and reducing your labor costs.
  • Virtually no embedment during blasting: A common issue with sandblasting is the potential for abrasive particles to embed in the substrate, which interferes with the application of finishes or even causes damage over time. Superoxalloy abrasives are designed to minimize this risk, leaving the deck’s surface smooth and clean for whatever finish you need.
  • Extremely low dust production: Superoxalloy abrasives produce significantly less dust, improving visibility during blasting and reducing the time and effort needed for cleanup.
  • Superior performance: Unlike conventional abrasives, superoxalloy abrasives have a unique mix of particle shapes. This unique design, coupled with their tempered and amorphous nature, makes them exceptionally tough, effective, and much less likely to shatter on impact. 

Why Partner With 10X Engineered Materials?

Our commitment goes beyond offering exceptional abrasive media. Some benefits of partnering with us for your deck sandblasting needs include:

  • Free expert guidance: We offer free support to help you choose the right product for your project and answer any questions.
  • Environmental integrity and user safety: Our product’s development is guided by sustainability principles and user safety. From utilizing byproducts to creating biosoluble abrasives, we strive to develop solutions that keep workers safer, minimize environmental impact, and promote responsible waste management.
  • A mission driven by customer success: At 10X Engineered Materials, we are enthusiastic about making the world better for our customers. We engineer products that improve workflows, are safe, last longer, and can be reused and recycled. 
  • Engineering expertise: As a clean-tech science and engineering company, we deliver solutions that address complex challenges. We continually push the boundaries of what is possible in abrasive technology in a sustainable manner.

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