Sandblasting Brass

Sandblasting brass is an excellent method for cleaning or preparing the surface. The process involves blasting abrasive media onto a brass surface at high velocity with pressurized air to create an ideal surface texture or surface profile while removing dirt, rust, contaminants, and old coatings.

At 10X Engineered Materials, we offer the ultimate abrasive media for sandblasting brass. Our superoxalloy abrasives work well for sandblasting softer metals like brass while ensuring efficiency and a safer working environment.

Brass Properties

Brass is a metal alloy created by combining copper and zinc. The proportions of copper and zinc may be adjusted to fit specific uses and applications. For instance, while brass is known for its malleability, it can be stronger but less workable when it contains a higher zinc content.

Due to its warm golden color, brass is often used as a decorative metal, taking the shape of door handles, locks, ornaments, or trophies. However, the metal alloy also has excellent corrosion resistance, low friction, and high conductivity, making it suitable for other applications.

Brass can be used to create pipes, fittings, and valves in plumbing systems, gears, bearings, other machinery, and moving parts. It also makes an excellent material for electrical switches and connectors.

Can You Sandblast Brass?

Sandblasting is a standard method for cleaning and preparing metal surfaces, including brass. The technique can be applied to almost all types of brass items, from pipes to inserts. Since sandblasting is a more aggressive method, it is best used for heavier cleaning and texturing tasks.  

Whether you can sandblast brass depends on the abrasive materials used. Brass is a softer metal and requires abrasive materials that won’t leave scratches on the surface or cause work hardening that will make it brittle. However, the abrasives should also be aggressive enough to remove stubborn contaminants. Selecting the appropriate abrasive media is crucial for achieving the desired results without damaging the surface.

Benefits of Choosing 10X Engineered Materials for Brass Abrasives

10X Engineered Materials superoxalloys are crafted using a byproduct of mineral wool through a highly controlled formulation process. The abrasives are tempered to make each particle equally strong in all directions. Our superoxalloys offer several advantages for sandblasting brass, including: 

  • Low dust: Our patented abrasives produce minimal dust during the sandblasting process, creating a safer environment by decreasing the inhalable particles in the air. Low dust also ensures better visibility at a worksite.  
  • Efficiency: Our abrasives are more resistant to particle breakages that often occur during high-velocity blasting applications. The particles can do more work on the material’s surface, enabling operators to achieve faster blasting speeds for better efficiency and productivity.
  • Low consumption: Superoxalloys are engineered to deliver more energy to the surface with each particle. As a result, operators need less media to complete sandblasting jobs. 
  • Surface cleanliness: Superoxalloys, specifically our EpiX line, offer ultra-low embedment and a remarkably clean surface for better project results.
  • Safety: 10X manufactures the only abrasive material in the world with an IARC monograph, concluding that it is biosoluble in the lungs and is not classifiable as carcinogenic to humans. No regulating body in the world considers it a possible human carcinogen. 

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When searching for abrasive media to achieve flawless sandblasted brass, choose superoxalloys from 10X Engineered Materials. Contact us to connect with our team and learn more about our sandblasting solutions.