Sandblasting Concrete

Concrete blasting involves using abrasive materials to strip and profile the material’s surface. It is common in construction and building maintenance applications for cleaning or preparing concrete for paint or coating. The process uses tools like a blasting pot, a nozzle, and an air compressor to propel the abrasive against the concrete’s outer surface.

Choosing a high-quality blasting abrasive from a reputable manufacturer like 10X Engineered Materials is critical for achieving superior results and minimizing the chances of damaging the concrete. Our engineers have years of experience developing optimal solutions for various applications, including concrete blasting.

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What Is the Composition of Concrete?

Concrete consists primarily of cement, aggregates, and water. Concrete manufacturers typically use aggregates like sand, crushed stone, gravel, or recycled materials to fill the spaces between the cement particles and hold the mixture together. Additionally, concrete may include various admixtures to increase strength, improve workability, or reduce curing time.

Although concrete is commonly known for its exceptional strength and durability, its density can vary depending on the specific ingredients and the mixture proportions used.

Can You Sandblast Concrete?

Blasting is a practical and efficient method for removing paint, dirt, grime, and other contaminants from a concrete surface. Contractors often sandblast concrete for restorations or to ensure surface adhesion for new paint or additional coatings. Blasting can also create unique textures or patterns on concrete to improve slip resistance or enhance aesthetic appeal.

Operations typically choose to blast over manual scraping or cleaning because it is more effective, faster, and more cost-efficient. However, selecting the appropriate equipment setup and most effective abrasive is critical for ensuring worker safety and preventing concrete surface damage.

Advantages of Choosing 10X Engineered Materials for Concrete Blasting Abrasives

10X Engineered Materials offers innovative superoxalloys that provide cleaner and smoother sandblasted concrete finishes than conventional abrasive materials. We use the byproducts from mineral wool as a primary element in our abrasive formulas, creating amorphous particles with higher work rates and less breakage than other blasting abrasives. 

Examples of the benefits you’ll experience when choosing our superoxalloys are:

  • Less dust: Less particle breakage results in less dust, creating a healthier and safer work environment for blasting operators. Less dust also means increased visibility and fewer work stoppages for equipment cleaning.
  • Minimal consumption: Our superoxalloys do more work than traditional abrasives, helping minimize the amount of blasting media required for a job. In addition, our abrasives are reusable several times, depending on the grit size and blasting pressure. 
  • Higher blasting speeds: Exceptional particle toughness allows operators to blast our superoxalloys at higher pressures than conventional abrasives that fracture easily. Higher blasting pressures result in faster production and reduced labor rates.
  • Enhanced surface quality: Our abrasives generate less particle embedment, ensuring a higher-quality surface on concrete. The unique particle composition and increased particle strength due to being made of a tempered material help deliver better results than many other abrasive types.

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