The right aluminum oxide blasting for removing powder coating

Using the right abrasive blasting for powder coating is important as it will save time and money as well as ensure a quality finish. There are several different types of blasting and determining which is best for the job can be a difficult task.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry film coating which is used to protect and beautify a variety of different components. It is a fairly recent development and is gaining popularity due to its versatility and durability.

Sandblasting is a technique that has been used in various industries for many years for surface finishing and refinishing. This technique involves using compressed air to shoot particles at high velocity against an object.

The sandblast process is often used on metal, plastic, glass, and concrete. It can be done manually or automatically. Manual sandblasting is done by placing the material on some type of table with the surface that needs to be finished facing up and then attaching a gun to the end of a long hose that has some type of nozzle at the end. Automatic sandblasting involves having the compressed air source attached directly to the tool itself which holds onto the object while it is being sandblasted.

The Best Abrasive Media for Removing Chrome

There are various different abrasive media available for removing powder coating from surfaces, such as Aluminum oxide, Crystalline quartz and 10Xem’s superoxalloy, but not all of them will work on certain surface types.

The best abrasive media will depend on the type of surface that needs to be cleaned and prepared. Metal surfaces, often used in powder coating, require media that will not warp or scar. 

The EpiX and KinetiX line of superoxalloy blast abrasive from 10X Engineered Materials is a new class of advanced abrasive that will not only get rid of the chrome, but also leave a clean substrate, virtually free of embedded particles — unlike alternatives such as garnets, slags, metals and glass — so the next coating can be applied properly. 

This is possible because of the polymorphous design of superoxalloy abrasives. Often, this means that the abrasive can complete multiple blasting steps in one – eliminating the need for chemical stripping. 

Beyond their high performance, EpiX and KinetiX superoxalloy abrasives contain no free silica or leachable heavy metals, making 10X abrasives safer for both workspaces and the environment. Plus, EpiX and KinetiX are more reusable and offer lower dust than other popular abrasives. 

Currently, KinetiX and EpiX are available from abrasive distributors around the US. If you don’t see a distributor near you, contact 10X and we will work with you to get you what you need. EpiX abrasive, which is best for precision applications such as powder coating and medical applications, is also available to purchase directly from the 10X Engineered Materials website.