Choosing a sandblasting abrasive for stone carving

When choosing a blast media for stone carving, it’s generally best to choose the sharpest abrasive available to you, which had (historically) been some form of aluminum oxide. However, new blast abrasive media – such as superoxalloy – are giving carvers significant advantages over older abrasive blasting options. 

When abrasive blasting, it’s important to consider the surface being blasted, how many layers need to be removed, and the desired result. For example, when blasting to remove layers of paint from a soft metal surface, a gentle media like glass beads should be used to avoid damaging the surface below the layers. 

Using a softer blast media for this stone carving or engraving—like glass beads, plastic, or walnut shells—will not penetrate the stone as quickly and will therefore be less effective when carving into the surface. 

What’s the best media to use for stone carving? 

Alternatively, harsher media will get the job done more efficiently as there’s no underlying layer that needs to be protected, and the stone itself is a solid structure. As stated above, this is often done with aluminum oxide, but can often be done cleaner, quicker and more safely with superoxalloy abrasives. 

The EpiX and KinetiX line of superoxalloy abrasives from 10X Engineered Materials are stronger and can blast through almost any surface in less time than alternatives, like aluminum oxide or garnet. 

Additionally, they’re virtually dust-free, providing a cleaner, more visible workspace. They’re also safer for both you and the environment with no free silica, no beryllium, no crystalline structures, and no heavy metals.

Currently, KinetiX and EpiX are available from abrasive distributors around the US. If you don’t see a distributor near you, contact 10X and we will work with you to get you what you need. EpiX abrasive, which is best for precision applications such as powder coating and medical applications, is also available to purchase directly from the 10X Engineered Materials website.