​Best Sandblasting Abrasive for Auto Parts

Sandblasting is an effective way to clean auto parts with layers of paint, rust, corrosion, powder coating, or other coatings. This can be done with a few different types of abrasive blast media, like aluminum oxide, garnet, and glass beads.

However, new superoxalloy abrasives have several benefits over other types of blast abrasives. Some parts of a car body may be damaged by harsh abrasives, while others need a coarse medium to remove thick coatings. Keep reading to learn why superoxalloy abrasives are the best choice for auto parts.

Concerns With Blast Abrasives for Auto Parts

The tricky thing about abrasive blasting on auto parts is that some abrasives may damage the underlying surface being blasted. Aluminum oxide, for example, is a good choice because it’s strong enough to remove rustpaint, and many other coatings, other than powder coating. However, some auto parts may be damaged by blasting with aluminum oxide.

Solid steel parts of the car’s underbody can be blasted with most forms of abrasive blast media. The actual car body, on the other hand, is thinner sheet metal and should be blasted with a smaller, lighter-weight material to avoid warping and damage to the metal itself.

Blast media that’s soft, like walnut shells and glass beads, is unlikely to damage auto part surfaces. However, they can take a long time to thoroughly clear a surface, and they’re not very effective on thicker coatings.

Superoxalloy: The Best Abrasive for Auto Parts

A newer type of blast media, superoxalloy abrasives, solves these problems. Superoxalloy is specifically formulated to remove coatings quickly without damaging any underlying surfaces. This kind of abrasive will remove rust, paint, and most other coatings in just one step without leaving any embedded particles in the surface.

This lessens the likelihood of rust bloom and makes it easy to apply a new coating on auto parts. In addition, superoxalloys are better for employees and the environment — unlike other blasting abrasive medias, superoxalloys are biosuble. Read more about the superior safety of superoxalloy abrasives here.

Choose 10X Engineered Materials Superoxalloy Abrasives

10X Engineered Materials’ line of superoxalloy abrasives is more efficient than other options and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including auto parts. We’ve created two lines of superoxalloy abrasives, KinetiX, DynamiX, and EpiX.

Once you’ve tried a superoxalloy abrasive, there’s no going back. The performance is outmatched by other abrasive materials and poses less risk to you and your company. To find out more about these products, reach out to us at 260-253-2278 or contact us through our online form.