Choosing the best aluminum oxide blasting to use for chrome

De-chroming is possible through the use of abrasive blasting. There are various types of blast media to choose from. From aluminum oxide to superoxalloy – which will be discussed at the end of this article. 

Aluminum oxide blasting makes use of an air compressor to propel blast abrasive grains through a nozzle at high velocity onto your chosen project surface. It’s commonly used to remove tough coatings and corrosion.

Aluminum oxide is one of the hardest and sharpest blast media to use, which could easily lead to someone damaging the material beneath the chrome. For an all-around blast media that is both safe and cost-effective, superoxalloy is the best choice – discussed at the end of this article.

If you’re looking to de-chrome an aluminum wheel, some recommend the use of glass beads, which will prevent the underlying surface from being damaged. The trade-off is that the process will take much longer since glass beads are among the “softest” blast media. 

The Best Abrasive Media for Removing Chrome

Whether the goal is to remove chrome plating for aesthetic purposes or to remove the chrome to put on a fresh coat, using an abrasive blaster can get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

The EpiX and KinetiX line of superoxalloy blast abrasive from 10X Engineered Materials is a new class of advanced abrasive that will not only get rid of the chrome, but also leave a clean substrate, virtually free of embedded particles — unlike alternatives such as garnets, slags, metals and glass — so the next coating can be applied properly. 

This is possible because of the polymorphous design of superoxalloy abrasives. Often, this means that the abrasive can complete multiple blasting steps in one – eliminating the need for chemical stripping. 

Beyond their high performance, EpiX and KinetiX superoxalloy abrasives contain no free silica or leachable heavy metals, making 10X abrasives safer for both workspaces and the environment. Plus, EpiX and KinetiX are more reusable and offer lower dust than other popular abrasives.