For demandingmanufacturing applications

EpiX Precision Grades


Choose EpiX superoxalloy abrasives for…

  • Fabrication, device and equipment manufacturing
  • Specialty parts and coatings

Solves “pursuit of excellence” challenges

Quality CertificateWhen surface quality matters:
Zero tolerance for iron contamination or embedment

Epix PrecisionEfficient, precision coating removal:
No burn-off or scraping

High EfficiencyHigh-efficiency manufacturing and fabrication processes:
Produce a clean, finished surface in one step

Health and SafetyStrict environmental, health and safety blasting requirements:
Clean blasting abrasives with unmatched worker safety

EpiX superoxalloy abrasive grades

EpiX EP (Enhanced Profile)

EpiX EP (Enhanced Profile)

Enhanced, uniform profile for extra hard or tough coatings, including mill scale removal.

EpiX EP (Medium Profile)

 EpiX MP (Medium Profile)

Uniform, medium profile. Works on extra- hard or tough coating and removes oil dirt and grease, leaving a clean, bright SP 5 finish.

EpiX EP (Low Profile)

EpiX LP (Low Profile)

Minimal profile ideal for coating removal as well as weld cleaning and surface etching. Safe for stainless steel.

EpiX superoxalloy abrasive packaging option

Package Options
  • 4000 lb. super sacks (pictured)
  • 2000 lb. super sacks
  • 50 lb. bags (40 bags per pallet)
  • Pneumatic truckloads

EpiX superoxalloy abrasives on the job

Ultra high-performance

EpiX superoxalloy abrasive: Quickly creates ready-to-coat surface profile

With aluminum oxide
At 2 minutes 30 seconds: less than 10% of powder coating removed.

With EpiX EP
At 20 seconds: entire part cleaned and restored, leaving a profiled surface ready for use.

Ultra high-performance

Process improvement

EpiX superoxalloy abrasive: Does the job in 1 step vs. 3

Finished stainless steel frame blasted once with EpiX, leaving a 1.8 mil profile, ready for coating.

EpiX Process Improvement

Superior surface cleanliness

EpiX superoxalloy abrasive: Quantum leap in productivity, quality, manufactured part yield and profitability

An asphalt milling bit cleaned with EpiX EP produced a desired surface profile without flux cleaning in just 10 minutes (vs. 30 minutes plus flux cleaning for silicon carbide blasting).

The brazed bond did not fail, exceeding the performance of the tungsten carbide tip, which cracked at 18,000 PSI.

EpiX Superior surface cleanliness