10X Introduces a new category of blast media:



An engineered alloy of oxide minerals created through highly controlled formulation and tempering (high heat + rapid cooling). This process creates non-crystalline (amorphous) particles that resist breakage under stress of high-speed mechanical impact.

[ From metallurgy/minerology: superalloy + oxide ]



Click to watch the CoatingsPro webcast where engineers at 10X explain how the particles are formed into a unique material matrix that yields breakthrough speed and surface quality with no health or environmental risks (including no free silica and no beryllium). Field results in both contractor maintenance and specialty applications will be presented to demonstrate what is achievable with an engineered abrasive and how the results translate into higher financial returns.


To schedule an appointment, fill out our contact form or use the link below. We’re confident 10X will beat any other abrasive out there. But don’t take our word for it—try it yourself.

We dare you.

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